About reCirclArt

How It All Began...

After a lifetime of throwing Greetings Cards directly in the bin after reading. Founder, Glenn Ward decided it was time to do things differently. All for the sending of a personal message, Glenn felt the card concept an extravagant waste on resources. With a number of artists sharing the vision, reCirclArt was born. A Greetings Card Company using  ethically sourced materials. Artwork you’ll want to display on your wall. A Gift that gives back to our natural habitat.

Frances Hatch Wall Art
Childrens-Book-Memory Bottles Greetings Card Art framed
Alert Deer in Field
Tiger Wall Art
Fish Greeting Card Wall Art

The Art

We have handpicked a number of Artists, all with different styles but one thing in common. They’d like to leave their mark in this planet. 

Our Range of Cards will be updated each year. The previous prints will be discontinued offering a fresh range of Gifts for each new year. You can buy the range from one artist or mix and match your cards to personalise each and every one for the recipient. 

Putting A Little Back...

Corporate Social Responsibility - CSR Program

You’re not just Sending a Message, not even ‘just’ Giving and Gift! You’re helping to Rebuild Habitats. We thought long and has about a CSR program that fit our values and mission.

Rebuilding Habitats

Rewilding Britain focuses on a bigger picture! Local Economies, Improving Nature as a whole and making our country a better place to be.