Greetings Cards you'll want to Keep and Display

Sustainable Gift Art

Sending or receiving a personal message is one of life’s many pleasures. Greetings cards have been a tradition and one we hope will never go away.

The world is changing, and we at are working with great artists to provide fully recycled Greetings Cards that don’t end up thrown out in the bin.

…more than just recycling, we pledge to donate 5% of each sale to rewilding britain. To read more about our mission Click here


Giving without Taking

All our ART are made with high quality recycled material, from the Greeting Card to the packaging.


Putting a Little Back

For every piece of ART sold we’ll donate 5% to the rewilding britain.


From Paint to Pixel

A collection of styles by varying Artists. There’s something for everyone on reCirclart.

Meet The Artists

Our Artists are passionate about their work and about the Environment.

Frances Hatch

Katie Pamment Paisley

Katie Pamment Paisley

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With a range of styles there’s something to suit all artistic taste. Artist packs of 5 cards or select from individual Artists and make your own pack.

reCirclart Sustainable Wall Art

It’s a fundamental act of kindness to send a personal message to someone to mark an occasion. You bring about a warm smile knowing they are in a your thoughts. reCirclArt is a message and a gift that keeps giving, every time the recipient looks at the Art. Sustainable Greeting Wall Art that helps put back that which we take away.

“We Give, We Receive ...and we put a little back!”